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Hypnosis for Change

No matter what life may be throwing at you and how stuck you may feel you always have a choice. You can change the way you think and respond to current challenges.

Hypnotherapy is a process in which the therapist helps the client to achieve a state of focused attention. During this relaxed absorbed state the conscious, critical part of our mind relaxes allowing our sub conscious the opportunity to disengage from undesirable habits and unproductive thought processes.


The reason most weight loss diets don’t work in the long term is because they don’t take into account the role your sub conscious plays in our behaviour. Until your sub conscious is satisfied that what you are doing is in your best interests your efforts will be undone by self sabotage.


I have found hypnosis to be effective in helping children find relief from bedwetting, anxiety and low self-esteem, and improve areas such as concentration, learning and homework/study.


Hypnosis can be a useful tool in the treatment of stress, anxiety and panic attacks, teaching clients strategies to help deal with situations that can range from uncomfortable to debilitating.


Sick of smoking, wasting money and damaging your health.

If you feel really committed to quitting and taking care of your health then hypnotherapy can benefit you


"Hi Steve, thank you so much, I know I was a smoker for all those years but I don’t feel like I ever was one now. Thank you."  


"I found hypnotherapy to be a treatment that provides deep profound changes on many levels. Having experienced this therapy with Steve has been an outstanding experience for me for a number of varied issues."  Annie

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